This morning Maggie said, "I miss you writing about things you're curious about. I miss hearing you sing along and dance around with your headphone on. I miss hearing you sniffle in the other room as you write about something you care so deeply about." 

She's right. I miss it, too. I miss the exploration and discovery within our own lives. I told Maggie earlier this year that I write about us because it makes me a better person and a better partner. It's true. In the midst of business-building and writing, I let the one thing go that gives me the greatest joy... My writing... writing for no other reason except to understand, to document our world and to hope that maybe it'll help someone else! 

I found myself without a home for my writing. I outgrew my old site, uknowurgayif.com a couple of years ago and since social media has really been the only place I've shared about our lives. I sat down today and Maggie reminded me that we own this website from our wedding planning and RSVP collecting. 

So here I am. I am back. 

I'll be writing here more frequently. I've spent the last few years with Maggie writing down things like "A sentence a day" ... How is works is that either Maggie says something hysterically awesome that I must share, or wonderfully sweet or, I pick out a sentence that captures the day... Whatever it is, the rule is that it must capture what it means or meant to live this day.

I'll also be sharing our travels and adventures. As I look back on the greatest connection I've had with both myself, my Wife, and others, it has been through sharing my world, my thoughts and adventures. 

With Love,