Thank you for spending your life on me

The other night while lying in bed, I cuddled up to Maggie and said, “Thank you for spending your life on me.” It’s really true, you know. Time is our greatest and most precious resource. It’s so easy to go forgetting that. I can’t help but think about how incredible it is as humans to find someone who chooses to spend their life currency on someone else for the sake of happiness, love, and belonging. In moments like that I wonder how we could ever treat someone who has chosen us as less than anything but wonderful, even on our worst day. 

I think to myself, “what if everyone could feel, know and remember that this is it… this is all we’ve got with each other. Today. Right here. Right now.” In this moment, I chose to sit and write for a few moments in time that I will never again get back. I will never pass this way again. I can’t help but think, “Did I choose these minutes wisely, was I kind and life-giving, and did I leave you better having been here?”

Lately, after an intense few months with client work, I’ve been doing my best to take time to reflect on what matters, to express myself creatively, and to reconnect with why I do what I do, who I am, and what matters most in the world. Certainly not the easy questions, but the ones that are indeed worth asking — and even more worth hearing.

I can’t help but think, “How could you think bigger? Bigger? BIGGER?” I don’t believe we do it to ourselves on purpose, but I do believe that we hold ourselves to what’s safe, what we know, and we forget that to lead the way, to live the lives we’ve always wanted, we get to create that. I’ve been awakened to the power of creativity lately — learning so much about artists and creatives who spend hours, days, weeks, months, years and lifetimes on their souls work… In that I remember that the purpose of my life is to share how I see the world, to help others come to life in their own hopes and dreams and to play — always play. When my work or my life loses any of those elements I feel it.

I suppose I should be saying the same thing to myself, “Thank you for spending life on me… “ I’ve worked hard to get here. We all have worked hard to get where we are… A little gratitude and acknowledgement in a fast paced “whats next” world goes a long way. It’s so important to take the time to be present with yourself, thank yourself for all you’ve given and allowed in and to honor the journey along the way. It’s about the journey — make it rewarding and don’t forget to slow your pace, take it in and enjoy what you’ve worked so hard to create.